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""I had an opportunity to study 4 months on program “International Accounting Standards (IAS)” with the tutor Regina Jozuus. I consider that my greatest achievement after finishing this course are the acquirements. Even if I forget something, I still have study materials on IAS and nice memories about my tutor and colleagues. There was very good atmosphere and mutual understanding during the studies, what is very important. Thanks to our tutor and TTC “Securities” personnel! I wish You success in Your further activities!""

Chief Accountant of a joint-stock company “Latvijas pasta pakalpojumu tikls” - Sandra Logina

""Thank you very much for well-organized course and the magistral staff. I have got a lot of new and interesting information. We have started using the knowledge in our practical work. I wish the Center further development and new educational programs. Good luck and success in Your work!""

Chief Accountant of aircompany “Concors” – Jekaterina Zavjalova

""In my opinion, educational center offers very interesting courses that allow not only to find a common language with your clients, but sometimes dip into the future! Thank You very much!""

Vice-president of a bank “VEF Bank” – Valeriy Haliulin

""Each of the themes: financial analysis, planning and estimated value of the company is very wide-ranging and contains a lot of practical and theoretical problems. This course is a first entry into these themes for the prepared student, who already has certain knowledge and experience. The course gives a lot of information on each theme and systematize one’s knowledge in mentioned themes, as well as gives new vision and new methods to resolve practical problems.""

Financial director of a company “BCG” – Julija Vatagina

""I have just finished the course on Financial Management. This program is wonderful. It will be useful for economists who deal with budgeting, analysis. For accountants it will enrich many theoretical conceptions (cash flow and financial statement analysis). It is also very useful for the management of the companies whose aim is to know: “How much does my company cost?” I have learned many new things, as I got initial education in USSR. The only thing to regret is that the course was short.""

Chief Accountant of a company ”ELEXCO” – Ludmila Minulova

Training and Consultancy Centre "Securities" already work for 20 years. Total amount of students are 15000 people.
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"...I have just finished a course on Financial management. The program is very interesting. It will be useful for economists that deal with budgeting, analysis...."

The personnel of these companies were trained on our programms and workshops in Training and Consultancy Centre
The personnel of these companies were trained on our programms and workshops in Training and Consultancy Centre "Securities".

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