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Institute of Professional Financial Managers

IPFM is the international organization that unites the financial specialists. The credo of IPFM is: «Prosperity through Excellence». The headquarters of the Institute are situated in London, Great Britain.

IPFM purposes are as follows:
• To be the leading International Institute that promotes and advances professional financial management.
• To be the International Institute that sets and accredits those standards in professional financial management that define best practice.
• To raise the profile of the profession through an increased awareness of the contribution made by professional financial managers and through their increased recognition.
• To remain an independent, self-regulating body.

The Institute was established in 1992 under the initiative of group of the British scientists and experts in book-keeping and financial management led by professor Dr Jeffry Wooler. In Great Britain Dr J Wooller is a book-keeper with the largest number of qualifications. The institute was recognized by British government on a behalf of the Trade and Industry Department.

Who can become a member of IPFM?

Institute of Professional Financial Managers is quite elite international professional organization. There are about 1000 members - the most outstanding representatives of a book-keeper’s profession from 50 countries. The Institute has representatives in over then 20 countries.

However not everyone can become a member of this organization. Each applicant passes the strict control by the Institute’s Board which consists of leading experts of a book-keeper’s profession from Europe, America and Canada.

The first step to become familiar with this organization is to study under the Institute’s programs.

IPFM diploma and membership

In 2004 IPFM has made a decision to allow to teach some programs in Russian and other languages. After serious consultations the Board has decided to open a branch in Latvia, whose duties will include coordination of IPFM activities in Eastern Europe, creation and development of the educational centers’ network who will prepare students under IPFM programs. The branch will be responsible also for development of a network of IPFM members in the regions.

The first program which is offered for IPFM students in Eastern Europe is called “International Accountant”. It consists of 3 parts:
1. IAS – International Accounting Standards
2. Financial management of the enterprise
3. Business statistics.

Students who have studied under IAB (International Association of Book-keepers) and IFA (Institute of Financial Accountants) programs, don’t need to pass similar modules in terms of IPFM program (GAAP and IAS).

After ending a course and passing the exam, student receives IPFM Diploma within 4-5 weeks and can apply for membership in IPFM.

President of IPFM

Today the President of the Institute is Dr Wooller. Besides leading the Institute, Dr Wooller participates in the work of the higher educational institutions in Great Britain: he is the vice-chancellor at the Irish University’s Business-school, the rector and the professor at this University, the President of the Board at Saint Clementium’s University of London. He is also a technical editor of “Finance and Management Journal” and president of the Society of Sales and Management.

He is a co-author of a book “Corporative models today», issued by the Institute of the Certified book-keepers of England and Wales.

IPFM President:Professor Dr Jeff Wooller

IPFM main office:40 Pembroke Square, London W8 6PE

email: [email protected]

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The personnel of these companies were trained on our programms and workshops in Training and Consultancy Centre "Securities".

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